MRS O3+ Home Care Kit with Beauty Bag Ban Acne, 150g


This kit consists of o3+ seaweed purifying cleansing gel, o3+ mattifying gel cream spf 50 and o3+ seaweed purifying serum.

  • O3+ seaweed purifying cleansing gel – Deep cleanses and purifies skin.
  • O3+ mattifying gel cream spf 50 – Oil less, light weight, shine less Formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. It also prevents the appearance of acne, with regular usage.
  • 3+ seaweed purifying serum – Miracle boon for acne prone skin that reduces the sebum production with its super advanced dermal zone formula thereby preventing the acne break out.

How to use

  • Morning –Cleanse with o3+ seaweed cleansing gel and follow up with o3+ mattifying gel cream spf 50.
  • Evening – Cleanse again and follow up with massaging the O3+ Seaweed Serum.

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Product description

O3+ Home Care Kit with Beauty Bag

O3+ Home Care Kit with Beauty Bag  with the dermatologically curated o3+ ban acne kit Packed with the powerful properties of seaweed and minerals,

this spf is best known to reduce the appearance of acne and prevent future acne breakouts

What is it

Ultra-purifying and acne prone/ oily skin wonders in our most pure textures for acne /oil control.

How will it help me

Our ban acne kit formulas harness the potent purifying and clarifying properties of seaweed to help prevent acne and control oil.

seaweed plant provides deep a deep action that has clarifying benefits which help in controlling oil,

reducing acne marks and preventing future acne.


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